A community designed for the 21st Century starts with a carefully considered master plan. Integrating a future town centre, pedestrian linkages, public transport, cycling routes and 15 hectares of public reserves, Lightsview intends to be the benchmark for modern and sustainable communities in Australia with a strong focus on modern housing design.

Living Choices

With so many land options, established homes and house and land packages available at Lightsview, it has never been so easy to plan your next move. There really is something to suit every lifestyle and budget.

If you still need assistance finding the right solution after viewing the information in this section, why not visit the Sales and Information Centre where we would be happy to help further.

Community Hub

At Lightsview, one of our core values is ‘creating community’. We want to make sure that as the population in Lightsview grows, so does the sense of belonging to something unique and special – something that is celebrated by the community and within the community in many years to come. A Community Development Manager has been specifically appointed to facilitate achieving this vision of a “living and breathing community” for Lightsview.