Everyone wants to do their bit when it comes to preserving our planet’s precious resources and Lightsview is no exception. In fact, the project team is committed  to helping our future residents explore ways to make their home energy efficient.

Adelaide’s new home of custom design is a leader of environmentally friendly, inner-urban communities with a number of fresh ‘green’ initiatives. We promote solar energy, the use of recycled water for gardens, parks and reserves, and require our home owners to meet or exceed a 6-star energy efficiency rating. importantly, our design guidelines require homes to be designed such that they maximise the solar orientation of their allotment; making them cost-effective to cool in summer and heat in winter.

These initiatives are very important to the development and to the community and will help to keep water and energy consumption low, ultimately minimising our environmental footprint.

CIC Australia offers access to a comprehensive sustainability website to explain and educate the practical steps you can take to minimise your environmental footprint.

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