At Lightsview, ‘community’ means more than just a word to us.  It is something that influences our decision making, our design outcomes and the way we interact with our residents and wider community. ‘Community’ is our commitment to you, our resident population, to making sure that Lightsview is not only an address – but a place you feel you belong to and are proud of.

From the moment you decide to buy a property at Lightsview, we are there with you.  We want to share in your excitement at having made such a big decision, help you navigate your way through the planning and building process and when its time, help you to settle into your new neighbourhood and meet your new community.

To help this transition into your new neighbourhood happen smoothly, Lightsview has its very own Community Development Manager. Lightsview’s Community Development Manager is there to help ensure that the community needs in terms of facilities, activities and opportunities to meet and intermingle are made available.  The Community Development Manager is also there to listen to any ideas or thoughts you may have on how you think we could make your new community even better.

So what are you waiting for? Come along and be a part of the Lightsview community! We are waiting to welcome you!